There's Food Safety and Then There's Food Safety is an episode of season three of Fetch with Ruff Ruffman, released in 2008.

Plot Edit

Ruff is eating some tortilla chips, until he somehow creates one that looks just like him! Ruff decides to make the chip famous, but Blossom thinks there should be more important things than a tortilla chip so she tries to trick Ruff into eating it. Ruff then puts the chip into a security system.

Ruff decides that he could use some help protecting his Grandma Ruffman's cake, so he calls his Fetchers. He tells them to build a wall made out of bricks around it. The Fetchers put 60 pounds of bricks around it and it succeeds! The Fetchers refuse to add 10 more pounds but Ruff responds with "Put on another 10 pounds!". It succeeds, too!

Ruff finally decides to do the "ultimate challenge". He calls a monster truck driver named Keith and tells him to bring his monster truck, Bigfoot, to the cake. Unfortunately, Bigfoot succeeds at smashing the cake!

In the end, Blossom decides to have Bigfoot smash through Ruff's security system.