This is the ninth Season Two episode of FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman


All the FETCHers roughed it for Ruff. Ruff saw the plans for a new swimming pool for his owner. The pool's location? Ruff's doghouse! Ruff was convinced that he would have to live in the wilderness. He needed the FETCHers to show him how to survive in the great outdoors. Reggie, the expert survivalist, taught them how to eat crispy crickets, build shelters, and make fires.

The 3 survival challenges were the Shelter-Building challenge, the Fire-Making challenge, and finally the Ruff Country Rescue Race. And The Blue Team (Bridget, Willie, & Mike) won all of them because during the final challenge, Nina fell down and got upset. So her teammates, (Madi, & Rosario) in The Red Team helped her with some First-aid.

After completing their challenges, the FETCHers returned to Studio G for the Triumph Tally:

All FETCHers:

  • 40 points: For building shelters and making fires
  • 20 points: For roughing it through the night with a goodnight's sleep

Blue Team (Willie, Bridget, and Mike):

  • 35 points: For beating the others at all of the survival challenges

Red Team (Madi, Rosario, and Nina):

  • 15 points: For participating at all the survival challenges and administering First-Aid

BUT: "Is that all the points a dog can give?"

Ruff awarded 5 points each to Rosario, and the Blue team (AKA Bridget & the boys) for eating crispy crickets. There was a three-way tie for the daily winner: Willie, Bridget, and Mike each won with 100 points. Their prize: chocolate-covered insects!

Triumph TallyEdit

  • ROSARIO: 80
  • MADI & NINA: 75

Daily ScoresEdit

  • MIKE: 705
  • NINA: 665
  • BRIDGET: 655
  • WILLIE: 640
  • MADI & ROSARIO: 610


  • Nina should've been the daily winner with 100 points in this episode, but not until How To Get Dogs And Doggerel In Better Shape.
  • Speaking of insects from the challenge, those were Chocolate-Dipped as a daily prize for the Blue Team.
  • The First-Aid kit should've been a great daily prize for the Blue Team, but that was Madi's idea as she & Rosario helped Nina.
  • After Nina drew blood as she fell down, and had some help, She was the bravest girl.


  • Nina: I wonder how far behind we are.
  • Rosario: (Pants) Come on, Nina.
  • Nina: (Slips & Thuds) OW!
  • Madi & Rosario: Nina? Nina?
  • Rosario: (Gasps) Whoa! You all right?
  • Ruff: Wait a minute. (Gasps) What happened? Nina fell down?!
  • Madi: Be careful.
  • Ruff: We have an injury!
  • Rosario: Band-Aid, Band-Aid, What's this? Uh, Antibiotic.
  • Nina: Ow! It Stings! (Sobs)
  • Ruff: Band-Aid?! Call an ambulance!
  • Madi: OK.
  • Rosario: I'll put a Band-Aid over it.
  • Nina: (Smiles again) Oh, That's better.

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