This is the eleventh & twelfth Season Two episode of FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman

First Half PlotEdit

Listen my children and you shall hear of Nina and Willie and Paul Revere... on FETCH!... on a motorcycle! Nina and Willie had to find the leaders of the colonial rebellion (John Hancock and Samuel Adams), get to Concord, and warn the patriots that the Redcoats were coming, solving puzzles along the way. All in a day's work—in oversized colonial costumes!

Madi and Rosario were also in a hurry. Ruff sent them to Colorado to find the "Continental Divide." To get there they had to try different ways to travel over snow. The most fun was dogsledding. They learned words like "hike", "woa" and "gee" to communicate with the dogs. They also used contour maps to find out which spots along the way were steep or shallow. But before they could reach the Continental Divide the kids and the dogs reach a fork in the road!

Meanwhile, Bridget and Mike stayed behind in Studio G and earned 35 points in the half-time quiz.

As the challenges were still going on, Ruff lost control of the kids. He decided to fix the Fetch 3000, but it broke down. So on the second day Ruff will continue to the second part.


the second part