This is the 6th Season 5 episode of FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman


To celebrate the Canadian holiday Boxing Day Chet set up a boxing tournament: Ruff "Orange Crush" Ruffman vs. "Whipped Cream" McGee!

Shreya was sent to learn some boxing moves for Ruff. After running and jumping rope, Shreya learned how to throw some mean punches. She jabbed, did the overhand, and did the hook—with great speed!

Using a trash can, a sheet, foam, goggles and a balloon, Marc and Marco designed a protective helmet to keep Ruff's head and brain safe. Then they put their design to the test in a boxing match against the awesomely tough Shreya!

Shreya was challenged to bust the mustard packet inside Marc and Marco's helmet on the dummy. She really went for it and sent Bob the dummy down for the count. Mustard flew everywhere!

Jay, Rubye, and Emmie stayed back at Studio G and won 50 points in the Halftime Quiz Show! A perfect score!

The FETCHers went the distance in this contest, and so it was time for the Triumph Tally:

Marc and Marco scored:

  • 85 points: for systematically testing their materials and coming up with a helmet design that could stand up to the force of a flying bowling ball!
  • Minus 10 points: because Bob the dummy didn't quite make it through the third round of Shreya's attack
  • That's a final score of 75 points!

Shreya rocked it with:

  • 85 points: for pushing herself to the limit
  • An additional 10 points (Stolen from Marc & Marco): for being a professional mustard buster
  • That's a total of 95 points!

Shreya won 5 bonus points for power-punching her way to boxing glory! With 100 points, Shreya was the daily winner! Her prize: a Ruff Ruffman inflatable punching bag! Ruff won the boxing championship because when Whipped Cream saw Ruff in the helmet, he fell to the floor laughing.

Triumph TallyEdit

  • SHREYA: 100
  • MARC & MARCO: 75

Daily ScoresEdit

  • SHREYA: 420
  • MARCO: 405
  • RUBYE: 345
  • JAY: 340
  • MARC: 320
  • EMMIE: 295