Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? Its Ruffmanman! is an episode of season four of Fetch with Ruff Ruffman, released in 2009.

Plot Edit

An explosion had just occuredd. Ruff decides to call his nephew, Glen. Glen appeared on a screen, dressed up as a superhero. He explained that an evil villain named Gamma Ray Person was creating a device to destroy all life on Earth using gamma rays! To prove it, Glen showed Ruff a newspaper.

The Fetchers soon found out about the plans and were sent to stop Gamma Ray Person. Glen then informed them about a worldwide telescope that can spot everything in it's tracks!

After alott of hard work, the Fetchers went to the telescope to find Gamma Ray Person. They soon saw him on a big star. He told them it was the Crab Nebulae, which was the location of a star that exploded long ago. Gamma Ray Person was about to launch his invention, but first told them his secret identity, Grandma Ruffman! She explained she had just invented the machine to bake her food.