Gearing Up for Getting Ruff's Goat is the 18th Season 4 episode of FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman


Ruff was still worried about his competition in the ratings – the cat grooming shows – and figured the key was to add more grooming to his show. Uncle MacRuffmantosh, on the other hand, said all he needed was to find the Helmet of Victory. He gave Ruff a map of where to search for it, but since Ruff can't drive, he had to think of some other transportation options.

To fulfill the show's need for grooming, he sent Liza off to learn how to groom and show a goat. First she had to milk the goat – not as easy as it sounds. Then she got her hands on some clippers and shaved the goat's fur off – much cooler for the goat. She finished up by cleaning the goat's hooves and behind, and she was ready for the goat show costume competition – with the goat dressed up as Grandma Ruffman!

Bethany, Brian, and Talia went to explore Ruff's best transportation option – bikes! First they drew some bikes to see how all the parts fit together, and then they raced tricycles and Bethany came out the winner! But they decided to go with regular bikes instead of tricycles, because bikes with gears let you go faster. To see how much faster, they measured some gear ratios. Then they hopped on and rode off to a BMX racetrack where they rode hard with a BMX race team called the Bad Apples!

Sterling and Isaac had no goats or bikes but they did manage to win 35 points in the Halftime Quiz Show!

Back at the ranch, Ruff was ready to hand out points in the Triumph Tally:

Talia, Bethany, and Brian scored:

  • 60 points: for experimenting with gears
  • 25 points: for riding on a scary BMX course

Giving them a total of 85 points!

Liza scored:

  • 75 points: for her goat-grooming skills

BUT: "Is that all the points a dog can give?"

Grandma Ruffman decided to give Liza 15 bonus points for dressing a goat in her image. That made Liza the daily winner with 90 points and earned her an awesome prize: The Ruffcycle! It's the coolest bike on the block.

Quotes Edit

(When a Goat is dressed up as Grandma Ruffman.)

  • Ruff: “Grandma Ruffman!?Chet!Where did you get that costume?”

 Triumph TallyEdit

  • LIZA: 90

Daily ScoresEdit

  • TALIA: 1170
  • STERLING: 1167.5
  • ISAAC: 1152.5
  • LIZA: 1130
  • BRIAN: 1120
  • BETHANY: 1097.5