This is the 2nd Season 5 episode of FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman


The FETCHers were stranded on a deserted island and learned from a mysterious tape recording that the island is Game Show Island and to escape, they need the fabulous four game show relics: a buzzer, a timer, a clapper, and a microphone before sundown or else they'd be stuck there forever!

The FETCHers split into teams:

  • Bowties (Marco, Rubye, and Shreya)
  • Neckties (Emmie, Jay, and Marc)

The neckties found a mysterious underground game show lair. With only seconds to spare, they found the hidden clock timers, and used their knowledge of levers and fulcrums to build a giant set of scissors, which they used to cut half of the clapper—from 20 feet above their heads!

The bowtie team used their math skills and took a buzzer as their relic. Then they found the bottom half of the clapper in a well, so they fished it out with a homemade fishing pole!

The teams connected the clapper pieces and found the golden microphone. Once the FETCHers had gathered the fabulous four, a recording of Ruff's parents announced that the land bridge was revealed. The FETCHers walk off the island and straightaway to Studio G for the Triumph Tally.

Marco, Shreya, and Rubye scored:

  • 40 points: for their math skills and ingenuity

Marc, Emmie, and Jay earned:

  • 40 points: for collecting all the clocks even though their legs were tied together! And for hanging in there to get the other half of the clapper board.

And that's not all! Since the FETCHers escaped from the island, Henry didn't fire Ruff. So Ruff awarded 40 more points for everyone!

BUT: "Do you think that's all the points a dog can give?"

Jay scored 10 bonus points for his ingenious scissor design and for knowing how to use the word "fulcrum." He's the day's daily winner with 90 points! He took home a FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman Home Game—complete with game pieces of the Season 5 FETCHers!

Triumph Tally/Daily ScoresEdit

  • JAY: 90 POINTS
  • Everyone Else: 80 POINTS